Corporate Event Management

If you’re looking to experience a thrilling learning adventure, Amazing Race would be a brilliant idea. Perfect for corporate team building events or even school excursions, take on the adrenaline rush and fast thinking challenges to forge closer bonds and discover hidden capabilities of your teammates during this race against the clock!

Our variety of interactive tasks and challenges are designed to enhance leadership skills, time management, strategic thinking and drive effective communication. Get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses during this action-packed day. Experience this fulfilling episode with your teammates and create fond memories that will always be remembered.

Are you up for the challenge?

Take your next corporate event to a whole new level with the most epic carnival theme that reflects your brand but most importantly, excites your guests!

Imagine the endless rows of exciting game booths and tasty food stalls, the epic line-up of entertainment and all the good vibes that it entails – truly the epitome of a fun-filled day. It is also a great excuse to relive all the fun and laughter from your childhood carnival memories!

Our professional event planners will provide the best option for every aspect of your event. From the selection of venue to fringe activities, food and drinks, and an exciting entertainment line-up that is best suited for your desired theme. We take every single detail into consideration including the safety of your guests.

Let us help you delight your audiences with your amazing vision delivered. We strive to deliver impeccable service with our myriad of In-House expertise that will suit every ambition and budget. Rest assured that your carnival event will run smoothly and successfully in our hands.

Organizing a charity event involves a lot of planning and coordinating. And if you are unsure about the detailed components and considerations it entails, it can be quite challenging to execute the event successfully. All you need is a professional and reliable management team to do it all while delivering high expectations and keeping costs manageable.

This is where we take the wheel! We are the backbone of support for any corporate or non-profit organizations to give back to the community. Each event will be handled professionally by our event planners with innovative conceptualization and detailed planning. Be it charity auctions, charity runs, talent shows or extravagant met galas, our outstanding team are trained to handle it all.

We work in a dynamic group of experts – each specializing in the various components that come together to guarantee the success of your event. From the initial planning to managing the event itself, we will work closely with you to design and conceptualize, select the right venue, execute marketing efforts, other things necessary to ultimately give you the luxury to focus on other things that matter.

Businesses can definitely reap the benefits out of holding an exhibition. It is a brilliant way to promote your business as it helps to reach out to a larger pool of potential partners and customers. It highlights your product and services, accentuates your brand and ultimately reinforces your brand’s voice.

It can be challenging to decide the focus on your exhibition or how to properly design, plan and execute it all together. Hiring a professional team with deep knowledge in exhibition management will help you achieve your goal better.

Let us provide you with our creative flair on design and conceptualization of your exhibition. Our dynamic In-House experts will come together to create and show off the different aspects of your business and brainstorm innovative ways for people to engage with your brand.

We believe that your exhibition should reflect your brand and this includes every single detail – the design and theme of your exhibition, staff attire, colour scheme and what each component contains that will represent and portray your business’s identity to the audience.

If you are planning to have a grand opening, make sure it delivers a great long lasting impression. The traditional ribbon-cutting just won’t cut it! Launching your new business should evoke excitement and curiosity in order to attract new potential investors, partners and even customers.

Great events happen with proper planning. You need a strong professional team to plan, execute and market your event effectively. Your event should ultimately deliver an immersive experience that will make your guests remember.

This is where we step in. Our professional team have a natural creative flair for innovative ideas to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Simply share with us your clear vision and we will take it from there. Our myriad of professional experts will work closely with you on all aspects of the event – from design and conceptualization, planning, coordinating of vendors and many more.

Looking to take your business on the road? Roadshows are a fantastic way to promote product sales, share product knowledge and increase brand exposure. It takes your sales team away from the digital interaction and allows them to interact with customers and potential partners personally. If roadshows are managed and executed well, it can bring your business a stream of great opportunities.

At GlobalDotCom, we come up with innovative ways to create a fun and engaging roadshow for our client. By creating a positive experience for attendees, we want to imprint the image of your brand at the top of their minds. A roadshow that is engaging might just entice the crowd enough, making them want to share about your brand on their social media platforms.

Let us be the ultimate reflection of your brand. Our team of In-House experts will work closely with you from the initial planning to the actual event with high attention to details in all aspects – design and conceptualize, selecting of venue, execute marketing efforts, coordinate logistics and more.

Make your upcoming Dinner & Dance party a memorable night to remember!

Throwing an exciting themed corporate party is one way to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work and efforts. Take it as a rewarding treat to unwind and celebrate your company’s milestones over the vast array of delectable cuisines, amusing entertainment and engaging activities.

Sounds super exciting! But creating an electrifying event experience requires a lot of planning.

Fret not about the planning! Leave it all to our experienced event planners to help you conceptualize, plan and coordinate the whole exciting event for you. From venue selection to exquisite decorations, food caterers to seating arrangement and the exciting line-up of entertainment, we will provide the best option that is best suited for your theme and budget.

Our powerhouse of In-house event planners, creative designers, brand strategists, programmers, and print experts makes us the most efficient and effective event management company. We strive to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Been noticing the droopy postures and awkward silence in your team? That urgently calls for some fun and exciting team building activities!

Team building is essential in encouraging effective communication and teamwork in order to increase productivity in the workplace. People tend to be more open to sharing new ideas when they are surrounded by people they feel comfortable with. That is why an enjoyable team building game would open new opportunities for people to understand strengths, weaknesses and discover hidden interests of their team members.

We are experienced in delivering fun and exciting team building games to motivate, inspire and simply bring out the best in your team! Our challenging team building games will push your team to work together more efficiently with improved communication and collaborative skills. We can customize the fun and challenging activities to fit any corporate objectives, group size and budget!

Best believe that our team building activities are fun and exciting enough to enthral even the most introverted person!

Sports event is an exciting way to gather the community. It creates fun and encourages people of all ages to bring their best foot forward to share their common love and interest in sports. It sparks emotions and passion that are necessary to enrich people’s lives toward a healthy lifestyle.

Let us help you raise the bar with our expertise in conceptualization, planning, coordinating and overall management of your desired sports event that suits your budget. We are profound in handling a broad spectrum of sports event services extending to communities, schools, corporates and the public.

Still contemplating?
We have everything that you need – from event conceptualization, venue hiring, marketing and promotion, event registration, race pack logistics, event management, photo and video productions and many more. Our dedicated team will ensure that everything runs smoothly and successfully.